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Each of our exclusive Bogota Elite Companions have a detailed profile page where you will find rates, included services and special services.
Extra charges will be added to the rate ONLY for special services.
Transportation expenses are included. Extra charges will be added to the rate ONLY for special services.


Hotel Dates

National / Intl Travel Dates

Companionship Dates

Lunch / Dinner Dates

Rates set to US Dollars

1 Hr

200 150

2 Hrs

300 200

4 Hrs

500 300

8 Hrs


12 Hrs


1 Day




1 Week


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Payment Methods

We offer many options to pay discreetly for our services.


We accept cash payments in USD, EUROS and Local currency.

For cash payment, the agreed amount is handed over at the beginning of the date in an open envelope. In order to avoid any misunderstandings, please ask the lady to quickly check the amount.

Our rates are set in US Dollars.

Exchange rates are based on global currency markets and we use the daily international exchange rate.

Below you can find our currency converter.


We accept online payments through PayPal. A convenient option which is safe, discreet and easy to use, and you don’t need an account to make a payment with your debit/credit card.

Payment must be completed before the arrival of the Companion Model and before the beginning of the date.

Please note that for all online payments WE CHARGE 10% HANDLING FEE.
A discreet descriptor will appear on your credit/debit card bill. There is no possibility of tracing this back to your booking with World Elite Companions.


° Entry the money amount, choose any two currencies to calculate exchange rates.

° All rates quotes shown are for indicative purposes only.

° It is important to note that foreign exchange rates fluctuate and that rates will vary depending on the amount.

° These rates are updated every 15 minutes.

Our ladies are not expected to ask for payment and the appointment may not continue if our payment policies are not followed. We trust that you will handle this part of the date in a gentlemanly manner.

All payments made to World Elite Companions cover the fee for our mediation work; this amount includes the ladies local travel expenses and is for the time of social companionship provided by our ladies.

Other Fees


You can cancel the date ONLY at the beginning of the date and BEFORE you pay.

After you pay there will be no refunds.

To cancel the date you have to cover a cancellation fee of 20% corresponding to 1 hour of the model companion rate.


All national & international bookings require an advance payment of:

100% of all travel expenses (flights, taxes and taxis.)
100% of booked companionship time.