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Employment Bogota Elite Companions

Would you like to be part of our select group of companions?

We are the most prestigious and exclusive escort agency in Bogota – Colombia. Our standards are extremely high.
We offer a prestigious, lucrative and exciting life style committed to safety, sophistication, class and discretion. Experience is not required; we will guide you through every step of becoming a luxury companion.
We are always interested in represent new ladies who meet the qualities to be part of our select group of companions.
All encounters are with affluent elite foreign gentlemen in the most exclusive hotels.


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* ENGLISH SPEAKING: We ONLY hire companions who at least have High Intermediate Level of English (Level 3 – B2). We have preference for companions who speak fluent English and other languages. CLICK HERE TO TEST YOUR LEVEL OF ENGLISH.

* PHOTOGRAPHS: Companions must to provide at least 9 (nine) professional photographs. These photos will be used for the creation and publication of the profiles on the web site.

* AGE: 18-40. The minimum age to work with us is 18 years. This is legally stipulated. The maximum age is 40 years.

* NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: Don’t worry if you don’t have experience working as a companion. Before your first booking we will provide you all necessary information and instructions in order to make you feel comfortable. Of course you are free to ask us anything anytime you need.

* NATIONALITY AND LOCATION: Companions must reside in Bogota – Colombia. Our preference is for Colombian companions but we accept and we apply stricter criteria for applicants with a different nationality.

* OCCUPATION AND AVAILABILITY: Companions must to have a career or full-time job or studies; we are not interested in applicants, who are motivated only for money, who depend on the income made by escorting or who are looking to be represented by multiple agencies.

Schedule is flexible. Companions have autonomy to create their own schedules but we have preference for companions who are available in the evening or late at night.

* SEXUAL ORIENTATION: We currently only work with heterosexual or bisexual female companions.



We ONLY cater for affluent foreign gentlemen, businessmen or tourists who demand nothing but the best.

We are looking for enthusiast companions who are motivated by living new experiences and enjoying a high social lifestyle, not only by money.

We represent empowered women who are independent and make their own decisions. Women who are sophisticated, friendly, loyal, charismatic, adventurous, charming, elegant, intelligent, punctual, discreet, trustworthy, easy-going and confident, without being arrogant.

* Lead a healthy, drug-free lifestyle is essential. Preferably non-smoking and only drink in moderation.

* Have an open and adventurous mind. Be a considerate and confident lover, who enjoys spoiling the other first. Have interest in eroticism, sexuality and sensuality, open to learning and experiencing new techniques.

* Be intelligent, educated, well-mannered and well spoken. Be interested and informed about what is happening around the world. Have the ability to connect people and be able to have interesting conversations about different topics in a spontaneous manner. In general, be able to interact elegantly in every social situation.


We are always pleasant to represent women who are self-confident and practicing self-care.

* Have an attractive, sensual and youthful appearance.

* Have an excellent and well cared and toned figure. A body free of large scars and signs of former pregnancy. Preferably a body free of tattoos. In case of have tattoos, they must be small or easy to cover for photo gallery. We definitely don’t accept tattoos in face or neck.

* Have a beautiful face with clear skin.

* Always keep a discreet makeup, a well groomed hair and nails.

* Have a stylish and elegant basic wardrobe, appropriately for any occasion. Have a collection of high quality lingerie. Have fashionable and well maintained shoes, bags and accessories.

* Maintain a self-care lifestyle by eating healthy and exercising regularly.



Application form is necessary to get a first impression of you.

* We ask you to provide to us real information and honest answers.

* Three photos (Face, Full-Body and Full-Body in lingerie or bikini). These photos should not be older than three months. Professional photos are not necessary. Natural and casual photos are better. These photos WILLNEVER be used or published. Discretion is our priority and we always keep your information safe and confidential.


We always reply to your application within 7 – 10 days. If you haven’t received our reply after this time, please check your junk folder.

* If your profile is approved, you will receive an invitation for a virtual or personal interview.

* If your profile is disapproved, you won’t receive any reply from us and your application will be deleted.


Person in charge interviews will contact you via chat/call in order to schedule an appointment.

* Virtual interviews sessions will be conducted online via Telegram Messenger app.

* Personal interviews always take place in a public location such as a coffee shop.

* Interview is for merely informative purposes and is an informal meeting. Interviewer will inform you about all the administrative requirements and procedures. Also will answer all your questions and clear your doubts.

* During this interview you must identify yourself with a valid proof of identity, so that we are sure that you are at least 18 years of age.


If our impression of you is positive so far, after the virtual or personal interview you are given some time to think about your choice. If you decide to work with us, you will have to provide us at least 9 (nine) professional photographs.

* Professional photographs (preferably boudoir style) are necessary to publish your profile in our website.


Detailed information and description of you is necessary to publish your profile in our website.

* Once your professional photographs and profile are published in our website, you start to work right away!

If you have read carefully and you believe that you meet all the requirements, then apply now to be a part of our select group of elite companions!