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All our elite companions love to travel and most of them are available for national or international bookings.
Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, we will do our best to accommodate your schedule and requests at all times.
Please read carefully and for further information, don’t hesitate in contact us.

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° All our models have full or part time occupation, therefore require 12 hours to 7 days in advance to make an national or international booking.

° All our models travel by:

Economy Class (0 – 5 hours)

Business Class (6 – 9 hours)

First Class (10 or longer than 10 hours)

° We always arrange model’s flight and immediately will send you a detailed confirmation. (This requirement is not applicable for private jet flights.)


All national or international bookings require an advance payment of:

100% of all travel expenses (flights, taxes and taxis.)

100% of booked companionship time.

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We assume you are a Gentleman and the model expect from you a proper behavior and a pleasant stay.

For the duration of her time with you also requires:

° Protection and Care.

° At least 7 hours to sleep at day.

° 2 hours of free time at day (this time is used for personal contacting, grooming, needs etc.)

° At less 3 meals at day and at your expenses.

° A own room key and free access to internet.

° Availability and privacy to report status to the agency every day.