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Best places to visit in Bogota

4 Apr

Best Places to Visit in Bogota

Bogota is the gateway to both commerce and growing tourism in Colombia. Nearly one-third of the country’s domestic companies are headquartered in this modern city. Yet, the capital also reflects its colonial past, most evident in the charming streetscapes of the old town known as La Candelaria.

Bogota is cosmopolitan, offers luxury hotels and is home of cultural institutions, theatres, music and film festivals. Its venues for business, events and conventions consolidate it as one of the favorite destinations for executives worldwide.

Bogota has a varied nightlife offering domestic and foreign tourists alike different styles and gastronomic options with world-class restaurants offer local and international cuisine. Yet Bogota is also a green city that boasts 5,200 parks, including large protected ecosystems amidst the urban bustle, with more eco-tourism destinations just a half-hour drive away.

In this cosmopolitan city visitors will enjoy lots of activities and experience unforgettable moments whether you visiting for business or just for pleasure.

* La Candelaria

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La Candelaria is the historic center of Bogotá or Bogotá’s “old town”, and the city’s principal destination for tourists. Its streets lined with Spanish colonial, baroque and art deco architecture. This neighborhood is a charming setting for a casual stroll, a browse through museums, the government palaces, churches and beautiful old colonial buildings along narrow cobblestone streets.

* Cerro Monserrate (Mount Monserrate)

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Monserrate is a mountain that dominates the city. It rises to 10,407 ft above the sea level, where there is a church built in the 17th century. The hill is a pilgrim destination, as well as the principal touristic attraction of the city . In addition to the church, the summit contains restaurants, cafeteria, souvenir shops and many smaller tourist facilities.

Monserrate can be accessed by aerial tramway, a funicular or by climbing, the preferred way of pilgrims.All downtown Bogotá, south Bogotá and some sections of the north of the city are visible facing west, making it a popular destination for watching the sun set over the city.

* Zona G (Gourmet Zone)

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Located in the affluent district of Chapinero and close to financial district, Zona G (G Zone) is home of the most prestigious restaurants of the city.
Is a highly visited place by tourists and citizens who are looking for the best meals to taste around Bogota. The modern and traditional decoration of each restaurant makes this area as a cozy wonderful place, some of them with terraces over the street, fireplace and covered courtyards to make this place pleasant.

For elegant romance by candlelight or the very best table for a high-powered business lunch, the Zona G is a good choice.

Zona G is located between Calles 65 and 71 and Carreras 3 and 7.

* Zona Rosa (Pink Zone) and Zona T

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The Zona Rosa (Pink Zone) is located in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods of Bogota and Latin America. The area surrounding the zone it looks like the city’s modern downtown, with big office buildings and folks in suits by day.

The Zona Rosa is the prime nightclub district of Bogota, home to The Zona T (T Zone), which is a stylish pedestrian T intersection, also home to plenty of upscale restaurants, nice hotels, malls, pubs, exclusive clubs and lounges. The area it’s surrounded by shopping areas with international luxury brands.

The Zona Rosa it’s located between Calles 79-85 and Carreras 11-15 and is easily the most delightful part of town.

* Parque de la 93 (93 Park)

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93 Park or 93rd Street Park is a commercial and recreational park located in the district of Chapinero in one of the most affluent neighborhood of Bogota. The whole neighborhood is a lovely place for walking, has great shops, art galleries, design centers, restaurants and nightlife especially on the park itself.

The 93 park is usually filled with temporary art installments, and sees frequent festivals. It’s also one of the best spots in the city for a picnic, with views up towards the mountains, and a laid-back, but still lively atmosphere. The park is between Calles 93A – 93B and Carrera 11A – 13 and is the centerpiece of a lovely section of Bogota.

* Usaquen

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Usaquen is a residential and commercial district located in northern Bogota. Despite this old town was absorbed by Bogota city’s development it still emphasizes its cobbled streets,17th-century villas, its central park with a precious piece of art represented in the colonial church surrounded by beautiful adequate and modern colonial houses.

Usaquen is one of the most fascinating places where to go in Bogota, offers a wide variety of national and international cuisine with a large number of restaurants featuring tranquil environments for indoor and outdoor dining.

The neighborhood of Usaquen is a picturesque setting for its lively Sunday market. Its main attraction are the flea-markets which has the best-selling antiques and crafts traditional to the city of Bogota.

* Ciclovía (Cyclo-way)

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The Bogota Ciclovía was born in 1974 this idea born from unsatisfied cyclists and aficionados who made a pacific protest with bicycles in the most important streets to demand public spaces for people in the city like streets to ride bicycles. However, it was until 1976 when Bogota Ciclovia became an official program promoted by the City government and supported by the Transportation Department.

Ciclovia it is a traditional day, every Sunday and public holiday certain main streets of Bogotá are blocked off to cars for runners, skaters, and bicyclists. At the same time, stages are set up in city parks. Aerobics instructors, yoga teachers and musicians lead people through various performances. Bogotá’s weekly ciclovías are used by approximately 2 million people (about 30% of the population) on over 120 km of car-free streets.

The Bogota Ciclovía provides service from 7:00 am to 2:00 pm Sundays and holidays of the year by the main roads of the city, connected in a circuit of over 121 kilometers long and covers all sectors of the city.

* Museums

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* Nacional (National Museum)

* Gold Museum

* Emerald Foundation

* Bogota Museum of Modern Art

* Botero

* Casa de Moneda (Currency House)

* Bogota Museum of Colonial Art

* 20 de Julio Museum (Independence House)

* Casa Quinta de Bolívar

* Planetarium of Bogota

* El Chicó

* Theaters

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* Cristobal Colón

* Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo

* Jorge Eliecer Gaitan

* Nacional La Castellana

* Colsubsidio

* Cafam

* Patria

* Shopping Malls

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* Centro Andino

* El Retiro

* Atlantis Plaza

* Santafé

* Hacienda Santa Barbara

* Unicentro

* Gran Estación